Welcome to the Secondary Faculty



The Secondary Faculty provides a distinctive academic experience for our learners. The academic programme gives each learner a firm grasp of fundamental skills, the ability to think critically, innovatively, and independently, and fosters a love of learning. Educators create learning activities that are motivational, technology-rich, and aligned to the needs of modern learners.

Our educators offer a challenging and stimulating education in an achievement-focused culture. They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and have high expectations of their learners. Each individual learner is valued, and progress is closely monitored. The educators provide exceptional academic support, within the regular instructional programme and through additional tutorials that provide personalised learning support.

The Secondary Faculty follows the national curriculum, with a wide spectrum of subjects leading to the National Senior Certificate. We endeavour to ensure that the choice of subjects offered is as wide as possible, providing for the needs of each learner. It is this breadth and variety, along with an opportunity to pursue subjects of choice, which encourages our learners to embrace life-long learning

Sylvia Steyn