Parklands College integrates Robotics into the Curriculum

Parklands College integrated LEGO Mechanics and LEGO Robotics as an addition to its subject offerings in January 2014.


Grade R – 8 learners have a weekly timetabled robotics slot. In addition, Grade 4-12 can further explore Robotics as a co-curricular in order compete in the International LEGO Robotics competitions, First Lego League (FLL) and World Robot Olympiad.


Robotics creates an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) in our learners from a young age. It develops higher order thinking skills such as critical thinking and creativity with the overall goal of teaching our learners how to solve problems through the building and programming of robots. These skills are useful and extend into all areas of the curriculum.


This unique offering allows us to better prepare our learners for a STEAM future where coding will be a common literacy.