Engineering Graphics and Design

Engineering, Graphics & Design was created from Technical Drawing and is aimed at Engineering and Architecture.  Its concepts are modern and relevant compared to the “Old Technical Drawing” syllabus. Isometric and Orthographic Projection is the basis of subject and 2D and 3D drawings is vital for the visualisation of drawings and manufacturing of concepts.  In addition to 2D and 3D drawings, Autocad is used to enhance the drawing experience.  Autocad is the leading software in the industry and is used in all designing and manufacturing fields.

3D printing has also helped take EGD to another level as learners have the opportunity to print prototypes and models from ideas drawn in Autocad and Google Sketchup.

Dedication and commitment is needed to complete all required drawings and sections of work.

EGD is not required by Universities to complete an Engineering or Architectural degree but it is must as both degrees require drawing experiencing and those that do not take EGD in schools struggle with drawings at university with some changing courses due to them not passing the drawing compontent of the degree.

Engineering Graphics and Design at the College is at the forefront of drawing techniques and the use of technology.