Christopher Robin Pre-Primary was established in 1980 and offers a nurturing, positive environment where children have a sense of belonging. Our Pre-Primary provides a safe and emotionally secure setting that encourages the development of the whole child: emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.


The child-centred curriculum is embedded within indoor and outdoor activities that support our goal to provide a learner-friendly and fun place to grow and learn. Throughout the day, children have opportunities to investigate, discover, and express themselves. The curriculum includes language experiences, imaginative artwork, structured and unstructured play, creative movement, and science exploration.


Meaningful experiences are provided for children to learn more about themselves, their families, their communities and other cultures.


At Christopher Robin Pre-Primary, our teachers focus on each little person’s strengths and developing their individual personality. As children progress, they become familiar with sounds and symbols that will lay the groundwork for reading and writing. They are introduced to numbers through the manipulation of ingeniously designed materials, puzzles, and games. Whenever appropriate, educators use technology to expose learners to 21st century skills they will carry into the future.


We offer creative experiences in art, music, movement, science and nature, communication and language. We provide our young learners with their first glimpse of the world in a safe environment where the fun of growing up, solving problems, and confidence in expressing oneself, is learned through personal experiences guided by international and local best practices in education.