Visual Arts

We understand that every child is born with the innate desire to create. It is as much a part of their growth as moving and playing. From a young age children are guided and encouraged to use their imaginations, draw, paint, construct and delight in the many
opportunities to express themselves. We nurture creativity and inspire and guide our little ones to discover, design, invent and construct.


Performing Arts

Little people love to move and during the early years most of their learning is done this way. We offer ballet and use the Royal Academy of Dance’s “Dance To Your Own Tune” syllabus. This develops increased confidence, control and coordination. Achievement in dance contributes to our learners’ all-round success. We aim to build a strong foundation that will prepare our dancers for a successful transition into ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.



Piano, Violin, Recorder, Group Music (Minor Repertoire), isiXhosa, French, Ballet, Speech and Drama, Movement Exploration, Cookery and Information Technology.



Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Physical Education and Junior Intro-Golf.



There is tangible excitement in our classrooms when our little people play with our irresistible “ Lego Soft Bricks” and ‘Six Bricks”. Not only do these bricks provide hours of fun for our budding builders and inventors, they stimulate little minds with their bright colours and interesting shapes and are fundamental in developing foundational skills.

The Grade R learners participate in Robotics, using the Simple Easy Machine Kits. Our little engineers and creators discover the fundamentals of building various structures while exploring the concepts of stability and movement. As with all learning at Christopher Robin Pre-Primary, the use of technology is play-centered and interactive, promoting healthy, age-appropriate development and discovery.