Crackerjacks and Tots From 12 Months

We know that you want the best for your little one. You want them to feel loved and secure whilst having the opportunity to explore their independence and to build their foundations for learning. Because we understand this, our Crackerjacks unit is overseen by nurturing staff who provide an environment that is warm, caring and as home-like as possible. Small groups ensure individual attention and provide parents with peace of mind. We welcome close relationships with our parents and encourage an interest in your child’s progress.


Parents are invited to make contact with the teacher at any time regarding the development and progress of their little one. Our open door policy applies in order to maintain a positive flow of communication, ensuring the happiness and well being of each learner.


Our weekly blog, newsletters and other publications are vital tools of communication between the school and parents.


Creative activities include painting, pasting and discovery with a variety of textures and materials. Music and singing form part of this programme, and sand and water play provide tactile experiences.


Educational games include puzzles, shape sorters, matching games and pegboards. Physical activities are promoted to develop gross motor coordination.


Children also participate in a wide variety of cultural activities, all designed to help them develop life’s basic growing skills: creativity, self-expression, and a curiosity for the world around them.