Growing Minds

In order for our learners to develop skills essential for the changing workplace, we as educators need to ensure that they have the required capabilities to adapt to their environment. Parklands College through the Growing Minds seeks to ensure that our learners develop the necessary skills, knowledge and core values by encouraging our learners to be:


Critical Thinkers  

Learners who are able to make decisions using critical and creative thinking and to collect, analyze and critically evaluate information that is given to them. They are able to formulate meaningful questions and set goals for themselves in order to achieve their best. The Core value linked to this:

  • Responsibility Being accountable for our actions


Effective Communicators

Learners work effectively with others to communicate and share thoughts and ideas. They seek to understand thoughts and opinions of others and to actively express ideas to a variety of audiences and through media. The Core value linked to this:

  • Compassion and Humanity Being aware of the needs of others


Purposeful Collaborators

Learners collaborate purposefully with others as members of a team in order to fulfill a common goal. They strive to build a variety of partnerships and are an example to others.  The Core value linked to this:

  • Respect and Pride Appreciating the dignity of others and self


Creative Agents

Learners are able to see the possibilities and potential of their imagination as well as  encouraging curiosity in all things. They are resilient in a climate of change and through risks and setbacks are able to create unique ideas with value and meaning. The Core value linked to this:

  • Innovation Preparing for tomorrow


Responsible Citizens

Learners are able to organise and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively. They show empathy, fairness and respect towards others as well as demonstrating integrity. They are developing an understanding of civic responsibility. The Core value linked to this:

  • Integrity Honouring our commitments
  • Commitment Providing quality education
  • Safety Ensuring the safety and well being of our learners and staff (Digital Citizenship)