Who are we?

At Parklands College our mission statement speaks to “reaching outwards, growing minds and building futures’. We commit to not only ensure this from an academic, sport, cultural, technological and co-curricular perspective but also to nurture a sense of true belonging for all our learners and staff. Our aim is to create a space at the College where everyone’s identity is embraced and respected. Learners and staff should feel that they are seen; their unique voices heard and have found a place where they have the freedom to be authentic

We enter into conversations where we promote a culture of not just professing values of kindness, humility and respect but also practising and growing in these areas. 

We recognise that who learners are, is equally as important as what they achieve. We endeavour to empower our learners to take calculated brave risks to be able to contribute meaningfully to our diverse society.

Our Portfolio is formed by two educators, two learner prefects together with two representatives from each grade who meet frequently to create, educate, celebrate and run awareness campaigns throughout the year.

Yamkela Ubuntu which means Inspire Kindness and Embrace Humanity is the motto of our Class of 2022. We would like to think that this is worthy of striving towards.

We can be contacted via email: equity@parklands.co.za or LGBTQ@parklands.co.za 


Alexis Matsimela


Anti-Racism Policy



Diversity & Inclusivity Policy