Welcome to the Junior Preparatory



The early years of children’s formal education is the foundation upon which future academic and life skills are built. The Junior Preparatory Faculty believes children’s natural curiosity and love of learning blossoms within a classroom that is supportive, dynamic, and enquiry based. While instruction is always in service of essential literacy and numeracy concepts and skills, the faculty enriches the national CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum with learning activities that invite children to explore the world from their unique vantage point. Children regularly use technology to collaborate on projects, in which they put the skills they learn to practical use and share their products with a wide audience.

The Junior Preparatory Faculty believes that the Life Skills subject supports and strengthens the teaching of mathematics and language, giving children practical topics in which they can practise their reading, writing, and numeracy skills.  The Life Skills subject further equips children for meaningful and successful learning in a rapidly changing society. It includes key beginning concepts drawn from history, geography, natural sciences and technology, as well as the arts.  In addition, its focus on developing perceptual skills such as auditory and visual perception, hand-eye coordination, and sensory memory, provides learners with the foundation for all future learning and development.

Tanya Dean