The Benefits of a ‘One2One’ Laptop Programme


‘One-to-one’ refers to an environment in which each learner has his or her own laptop.  It has been shown that this learning environment produces significant behavioural changes. These changes lead to significant educational benefits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Increases achievement:Sec Learners MacBook:

One of the most popular rationales is that one-to-one computing increases learner achievement.

Increases learner engagement:

Educators say that engagement and learner interest improves in classrooms using one-to-one technology.

Complements project-based learning:

One-to-one technology is at its best in classrooms in which learning is driven by projects requiring research, collaboration and the creation of a final product (a slide show, video, or Web page).

Prepares students for the work place and mirrors the tools for their generation: 

When a learner’s only exposure to a computer is in a lab, technology can be seen as a fragmented skill unrelated to daily life.  One-to-one computing ensures that all learners have the skills and confidence to integrate technology into their future, as well as their present.

Other benefits include:

  • Learners experiment more – there is increased attention and involvement.There is more self-directed learning and individualised learning which allows for differentiation.
  • Learners become more organised and more responsible.  There is an increased state of ownership.
  • They become more accountable, independent and in charge of their own learning.
  • There is an increase in interest and motivation.
  • Learners spend more time on their homework.
  • Learners become producers and distributors of knowledge.
  • This type of learning allows for access to various models of learning i.e. more visuals and sound.  This multi-sensory aspect aids comprehension.
  • If connected, they have immediate access to up-to date content.
  • It allows for collaboration in terms of forums and the like.
  • It truly is learner-centred which empowers the learners.
  • It stimulates writing and higher order thinking skills.