Simple Learning Time


Stephan Cilliers and Luke Bowles developed Simple Learning Time in collaboration with two Junior Preparatory teachers in order to help teach Grade 1 to 3 learners how to tell the time. The teachers requested this App when the application they were using disappeared from the App Store. This app has been developed as part of our vision to give our programming students relevant programming projects to solve real world challenges.

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Simple Learning is a free educational app that has both a digital time and analogue clock display. Students can move the hands of the clock to display different times of the day in both 24 hour and 12 hour time formats. A rotating background indicates whether it is night or day. This can be used in many fun ways in the classroom as seen in the “Ideas for Use” section below.

Feature List:

  • Interactive hour and minute pointers
  • Digital time that updates as changes are made on the analogue clock
  • 12 hour clock toggle button
  • 24 hour clock toggle button
  • Toggle visibility of digital time
  • Set the in-app time display to the current device time button
  • Set the in-app time display to a random time button

Ideas for Use

Simple Learning Time is a supplementary tool to be used under the guidance of a teacher or parent.

Example 1:  Teaching students what an analogue clock is and all its components e.g. hour hand, minute hand, face of the clock, minute intervals, counting in 5’s.  

Example 2:  Hide the digital display and select the random time button. Allow the students to enter the time in their workbooks, by drawing it in analogue format and writing it in digital format.

Example 3: Give an analogue time to the learners, and ask them to do the following on their iPads.

  • an hour before/after
  • a half hour before/after
  • 15 minutes earlier/later

This can be done is various class formats (small groups or whole class)

Example 4: Students can take screen shots of various times, and create an eBook for other students on “How to Tell the Time”.

Example 5: Understand the difference between the 24hr and 12hr clock, by moving the analogue clock to a time in the afternoon in 12hr mode, then asking the students to write/say what it will be in 24hr mode. Students can then check their answers by switching into the 24 hour mode.

Example 6: Numeracy – Adding and subtracting hours and minutes to arrive at a time. This can be done to various different levels

  1. Start at 3:30 am
  2. Add 30 minutes
  3. Subtract 10 minutes
  4. What is the time now?