Following Your Enquiry

An appointment for prospective parents to view the College will be arranged and they will receive a personalised tour of one or more of the faculties.  Prospective parents will be introduced to some of the educators and provided with an opportunity to observe the learners in class as they work or play.  A detailed explanation of our prospectus will follow including the registration fee and tuition fee structures.

Should you wish to continue with the enrolment process, you will be requested to complete the Application for Admission form and submit the requested documentation.

All applicants will complete an entrance screening and have a personal interview with the respective Faculty Principal or Deputy Head.

Acceptance of learners into the College will / can be based on the following criteria:

  1. The overall development of the learner and results of the screening together with an overview of previous reports.
  2. The Principal is satisfied with the report provided from the previous school and parents are advised that a reference may be sought from the applicant’s former school/Principal.
  3. The learner is the correct age for the applied grade.
  4. The learner is capable academically and emotionally of entering at that level.
  5. There is a place available in the grade for which application is made.
  6. The non-refundable registration fee has been paid to enjoy the benefit of a secured place.

The decision reached by the College regarding the admission of a learner will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.