Home Language: English

First Additional Language: Afrikaans

Second Additional Language: isiXhosa


Life Skills: Visual Arts, Speech and Drama, Physical Education


Information & Communication Technology, Robotics, Music and French


Rugby, Mini-Cricket, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Ball Sports, Girls’ Softball, Netball, Girls’ Hockey, Running Club (Grade 3), junior lntro-Golf

Additional Activities

Choir, Orchestra, Orff Groups, Marimba (Grade 3), Art Society, Drama Society, French Society, ICT Club (Grade 3), Living Maths (Grade 3), Individual Music Tuition (Piano, Violin, Recorder, Drums, Guitar) and Ballet

Wherever possible, learners are encouraged to participate in examinations that result in international certifications.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular sporting activities are inclusive in the school day for Grades 1 and 2. Co-curricular activities for Grade 3 commence at the end of the academic day.