Curriculum Integration


Please note that the curriculum was not changed. We follow the national curriculum as stipulated by the Department of Education. We utilised this technology to enhance and extend the learning which takes place in the academic environment. Thus there is the combined use of traditional and digital tools.

The following educational skills will be further developed with the proposed technology:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Information and media literacy skills; communication skills
  • Research and information fluency
  • Thinking and problem solving i.e. critical thinking and systems thinking; problem identification and formulation solution
  • Interpersonal and collaborative skills; self-direction; accountability and adaptability
  • Technology operations and concepts

Example:  Below is a sample lesson of how MacBooks may be used in the classroom. It shows the integration between the following subjects: Natural Sciences, English, Drama, ICT and Art.

Aim:  A stewardship project dedicated to preserving and utilising open spaces.

Project Sequence:

  • Determine if there is a need for a park in the community.
  • Identify spaces.
  • Identify issues of preservation and access.
  • Research potential uses for the area.
  • Decide which uses fit the needs of the community best.
  • Identify potential organisations that may support or reject the plan.
  • Plan how the project can become a reality.

Learning Activities:

  • The tool that may be used to implement the learning has been included in brackets.
  • Podcast a public service announcement (Mac)
  • Build a 3D model: Technology
  • Create a presentation with audio with the iLifeSuite (Mac)
  • Make an interpretive trail with an audio tour (Mac)
  • Make a brochure to distribute (Mac or pc)
  • Design flyers to distribute (Mac or pc)
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper (Mac or pc)
  • Create a plant/tree guide using iWeb (Mac)
  • Perform a play and edit a movie with iMovie (Mac)
  • Write a book illustrated with photos in iPhoto. By importing the illustrations intoiMovie, the students can add transitions and narrations to make the book come to life. They can also add iTunes. (Mac)
  • When the video book is complete, they can send it to iDVD for the creation of a DVD (Mac)

Conclusion:  Thus it is apparent that the cross programme capabilities of the iLife Suite makes applications easily interchangeable, resulting in high integration between these applications. It is evident that besides the acquisition of the fundamental skills necessary for the aforementioned learning, one also has evidence of critical thinking, problem solving and decision making abilities being utilised